Creephunter is Bobby Carter, a celebrity, and monster hunter and a bit of an ass.

Written and created by Mike Wood

Mikey Wood started writing and drawing comics as an excuse to buy weekend passes to comic book conventions. From his meager debut in 2000-something with SOLITAIRE: WORKING CLASS HERO and TALES FROM KIRBY’S DINER, Mikey has gone on to write and/or provide artwork for various titles of his own including LOVE IN A TIME OF SUPER-VILLAINS, LOOKING OUT TOWARD THE SEA, and BOBBY CARTER: CREEPHUNTER (with art by the one-man-house-of-creations Barry Linck). He currently provides the artwork for the somewhat successful indie comic HATE YOUR FRIENDS (written by Kristin Blank) and is the creator/writer/sometime-artist of the collaborative “jam” project PACK OF LIES: A POCKET PULP MYSTERY along with some of the Pittsburgh area’s most up-and-coming fellow creators.

Art and Design by Barry Linck

Barry Linck has been producing and publishing comic books for over 2 decades.  As writer, artist and creator, he has continued to produce his fan favorite ‘Phineus: Magician for Hire’ and ‘Gil: The Walking Dead (or Vampires Suck)’, a monthly comic strip. Barry served as artist on ‘Khozyain Protocol’, and contributed artwork for ‘The Creators’ and ‘Reverie’. Barry collaborated with Brian Babyok on such titles as ‘Pan’, ‘Phineus: The Glamour’, and ‘Dark Time’ An avid fan of role playing games, Barry co-created ‘Backwaters of Mysticism’ with John Burris. Barry did the art chores on the webcomic ‘Weirdlings’ and working on his 7th volume of ‘Phineus: Magician for Hire’ and ‘Creephunter’ & ‘The Pocket Pulp Project’ with Mike Wood all while raising a family in Pittsburgh. I hope to some day sell out and have really bad Saturday morning cartoons of my stuff (they still do have Saturday Morning cartoons, yes?).

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